Near Silence
Near Silence for Japan cover
A supercooled album fractured with exclusives, classics and the new.
Richard Barbieri has exclusively re-recorded his classic Japan track 'The Experience of Swimming'; Charles Webster has donated an exclusive mix from his brand new January Tuesday project, which was only recorded last week; and Eno colloborator Roedelius, one of the electronic pioneers alongside Kraftwerk, has donated his classic 'Wenn der Südwind Weht', plus an unreleased High Skies track.
Eileen Sauer
Nikolas Sinkola
Rhett Elliot
Andy Armstrong

These are the top five, but we gratefully welcome donations of ANY amount no matter how small.

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Richard Barbieri
playHigh Skies
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Anne Garner
playRichard Barbieri
playHigh Skies

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Album is full 320k MP3 and includes a booklet of images.



100% of your money goes to the Red Cross; or 128% using Gift Aid.

1 Donate any amount to any Red Cross.
2 Forward the donation receipt email you'll receive from the Red Cross to nearsilence.jp@gmail.com and we'll send you the full album.
3 There is no step three.

Any questions or queries then please do contact us here.

Anyone who donates more than the average will get a free DJ Mix version mixed by Charles Webster, plus a bonus High Skies EP.

High Skies - Sounds of EarthHigh Skies - Sounds of Earth

You're not buying an album, you're helping the people of Japan; this album is only a small thank you for donating. So please give as much as you can afford.

I'd like to thank the artists involved; all have generously donated their time and craft for free and at such short notice. Please send this link www.microscopics.co.uk/japan or http://bit.ly/nsilence to everyone you know, we want to generate as much help as possible for the unfortunate people of Japan.

Mat Jarvis